Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanks Grandma Rygg

Grandma Rygg sent the girls matching PJs! They look so cute when they are matching!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Viola Mei

We had a baby. And she is beautiful!! Her name is Viola Mei. She was born May 31, weighed 8 lbs 2 oz, and was 21 3/4 inches long. She is the best baby in the world. We love you Viola!

lack of posting

I've been reprimanded for not posting here is a post to let you know why. Her name in Lillian, and she is busy, or naughty. However you want to look at it. In the past few days she has been particularly busy. Here is some of her handy work. Yes, this is a loaf of bread that I baked from scratch. Right after it came out of the oven Lillian decided to color on it. Who does that?
This one is particularly special. I think the picture says even more than one thousand words.
This one I couldn't explain even if I wanted to. Lillian opened the refrigerator, pulled a stool over and got out an egg. Then she took it up stairs and held it over Viola's head. Luckily I was upstairs in the laundry room, so I heard Viola wake up. When I walked in and saw Lillian, I scared her enough that she took her hand out of Viola's crib right before the egg broke all over my bed and the floor. Again, who does that.
Now I know that coloring on the wall is not that unusual for a two year old, but what is not pictured is Lillian also covered in her own handy work. i don't have a picture of this because she was thrown in bed 1.2 seconds after this was found.

This is certainly not a complete list. This week Lillian has also...

Dumped out the button tub all over the dining room.
Emptied my dad's junk drawer all over his bathroom. (sorry dad)
Covered her feet with my mom's mascara. (sorry mom)
Colored Viola's arm with marker.
Emptied at least three tubes of toothpaste.

So, I apologize for not blogging more, but as I am typing this Lillian is currently dumping Lucky Charms all over the kitchen floor. Oh wait now she is onto tic tacs.
Poked Viola's eye many many times.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lillian's first haircut

Right before Christmas Eve dinner Alice decided to cut her own hair. So, a couple of weeks ago I finally called our friend Diane to come fix it. While she was here she also gave Lillian her first haircut! Not that she was in desperate need of one, but she did have a few scraggly hairs that were in need of a trim. Lillian is looking so cute now!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Here are our latest family pictures! We took them over Thanksgiving, but I am just getting around to getting them up on our blog. I wish Lillian would have smiled, but they still turned out great.

Oh, Lillian

A couple of days ago I walked into the kitchen and the fridge was open. I closed it, and didn't think much of it. Later I saw Lillian walking around carrying a sick of butter, like it was a toy. Silly Lillian!

Leah's farewell Dinner

This is a little out of order, but before Leah left we all went out to dinner to make sure she had one great meal before she left for Indonesia! Alice insisted that it was only a party if we had cake and ice cream. So, we ordered dessert, and Lillian chowed down!! She did not even care that we were laughing and taking pictures the entire time she was licking her plate.

Leah's mission

Leah left on her mission last week. So, we took some pictures of Leah with her favorite nieces before she left! Alice and Lillian will sure miss Leah. In fact, Lillian carried around a picture of Leah the day after she left and kissed it over and over. We will miss you Leah! Good luck in Indonesia!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our New Year's Resolution - Blogging

What a better way to return to the blogosphere than to document Christmas. We celebrated with the Blakes this year, and therefore, Christmas started at 4am. Jon played the miser and managed to delay the sortie down the stairs fifteen minutes. It's great being a Dad! Santa was good to the girls this year and brought them a Dress-Up Box overflowing with hats, dresses, shoes, costumes, jewelry, and even a boa. Alice loved it and it was some time before opening the other loot was attended to. Lillian's favorite present was a singing Barney stuffed animal; She's still holding it. And yes, that grimace on Lillian's face IS her smile!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We know we're crazy

The Jonathan Rygg family is going to China. Jon got a job teaching English at a middle school in Yongzhou, China. Jon is flying over there August 18. The girls and I are following him over there the first week in September. Jon has worked very hard the last three years learning Chinese, and we are very excited to be able to go over there and put it to good use. Do not worry too much about us...there are western style toilets, diapers, and we have a washing machine! We are excited and cannot wait to go!